Radio Button

BitRadioButton is a fully customizable control .It supports all Xamarin Forms backends, including but not limited to Android-iOS-Windows(UWP) etc.


Key : (object)

Value : (object) returens value as SelectedItem .

Text : Text to display near of RadioButton.

TextColor : color of text.

BorderColor : color of RadioButton border.

InerCircleColor : color of selected RadioButton .

InerCircleRadius : (double) radius of iner cirlcle (when RadioButton is selected)

OuterCircleRadius : (double) radius of RadioButton

How to use BitRadioButton in Xaml:

Key="{x:Static app:Gender.Man}"
Value="{Binding Person.Gender}" />

In order to customise text of RadioButton :

<Label FontAttributes="Bold"
Text="custom label for Radio button. You can also put any custom control here!" />